Fermat.Community Hosted Package Repository

Windows Wallet Version

Paul Lorenz (C++ Developer from Germany) is providing us an IoP Blockchain Package for Windows. Most of you only need the Wallet, and nothing else. For 64 Bit, you can download the Windows 64bit Wallet here. For 32 Bit, you can download the Windows 32bit Wallet here.
If you want to provide us help while running a Windows node with 100% uptime, then you can download the whole package here.

How to use the Wallet Tutorial

Please follow now the Fermat IoP Wallet Guide.

Address Generation - Wallet uage in beta phase

You already have a public key and wallet? PLEASE EXPORT AND BACKUP YOUR WALLET!
Fermat IoP Wallet Guide.
If you run into problems, you can always try to make a re-sync with the network frmo zero: 1. Close the app and open windows Explorer and go to the IoP folder.
The IoP Folder is here:(open Explorer and Type %APPDATA% )
2. Delete the folders blocks and chainstate and then banlist.dat and peers.dat
3. Then start the IoP-qt Wallet again. grab a coffee and wait until all is syncronized.

MacOSX Packages

If you are running Mac OS X 10.10+ then you can download and use the 3.0.2 Version here: IoP-MacOSX-Wallet

Ubuntu Linux Packages

Ubuntu Packages are fully supported. Follow the installtion guide on github with the INSTALL.md document.

Android Wallet

You can download the Android Wallet here: IoP-Android-Wallet sha256sum iop_wallet-latest.apk 7d543d64898e874c4539870c70fe36b5043fda8334c402270fa91e14ddd46221

Arch Linux Wallet

Thanks to Simon OroƱo (Navi Developer from Venezuela) we have an IoP Wallet for Archlinux.
Archlinux based distros can use AUR to compile their own version automatically. AUR Package IoP-Token
Please follow now the Fermat IoP Wallet Guide.

IoP Cold Storage Ubuntu Tutorial

What is a Cold Storage?

Mainly Investors, Privateers and People that dont want to depend on their Bank use this technique. The Concept is easy: Install the IoP-Wallet and all its dependencies on a computer, that never touched the Internet, not even to install the wallet and its many dependencies. This ensures 100% safe Wallets that are tamper free and completely risk free.

The steps are pretty easy and straightforward:
You need either
a.) two PCs (one connected to Internet and the cold wallet not)
b.) two USB Sticks (on one the Ubuntu Live Install and the other the downloaded Cold-Wallet)

It is also possible to put the Cold Wallet file into the Live USB Install and thus use only one Stick, but it is complicated to setup and if you can do this, then you probably wouldn't need this tutorial ;-)
1. Download the Cold Wallet Package and put it on the stick.
you also can unpack it on the USB Stick. Now you have a folder "cold-wallet-big" on the stick
2. Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (in the end of the Installation check "encrypt my home directory"
3. Start Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Plugin the Stick. Go to the cold wallet folder. Inside are many files.
4. Right mouse click in this folder and go to "Open in this Folder in the Terminal"

Now the fun part, type inside the folder with the many files in the terminal:
sudo su
# Info: it askes you about the user password to become root administrator (to be able to install software). just type in your password and press enter.
apt-key add 0CC9EB6DA69C84F4.asc
dpkg -i --force-all *.deb
desktop-file-install IoP-qt.desktop

THATS IT! You have your IoP-Wallet installed successfully without to use the (dangerous) Internet :-).
To start the Wallet you can run "IoP-qt" in the Dash or as your nowrmal user in the Terminal.
PS: you can check the Integrity of the cold wallet packet with sha256sum:
sha256sum cold-ubuntu-16.04-big.tgz 2a548550a56df747f853ac8a91ef6e9fcc886d0311eb4e013354b5e607cd2065
Have fun and success with IoP.